It's not that easy being green...

So in an attempt to cut down on household waste (and bills!) I decided to no longer use the expensive make up wipes I have been using for years. Whilst they are so convenient, I'm totally unconvinced by how well they actually clean this mush of mine.


I considered making some reusable face wipes myself but it has been at the bottom of my to-do list for months, so when I stumbled across Heidi Baskets Crochet on Facebook, I knew that this was a bit of me!


The next conundrum... Which cleanser to use...? I've tried a few. They were all rubbish at removing the 28 coats of mascara I whack on each day and then entered the game changer...  coconut oil! I can't remember who suggested this (thanks whoever you are!) but coconut oil is actually incredible at removing eye make up. Is there nothing it cannot do?! I do wash my face with good old soap and water after as I hate the greasy feeling it leaves but it's such a simple face routine - no fancy lotions and potions required.


Coconut oil and reusable face wipes


Athough I can't claim to be any kind of eco warrior, I do think that if everyone made little changes, it could definitely make a difference. We do a huge amount of recycling in this house and are trying to limit the amount of single use plastics we have, such as buying soap bars, rather than dispensers, not buying cleaning wipes anymore (even though I do still use baby wipes for EVERYTHING) and we now have stainless steel straws too.


We'd love to hear the ways that you're trying to do your bit so if you've got any other ideas for simple changes, please message us via the contact page. Oh and if you know of any Instagram pages for green inspo, feel free to tag us!



Heidi's Crochet

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