Schleich Horse Club: A Playset and Figurine Review

As big fans of Schleich, it was a no-brainer when asked to review some of the Horse Club collection. Erin and Rory already have a good selection of Schleich animals that they play with regularly; they’re incredibly robust and very realistic looking too. And Schleich’s Horse Club is quickly becoming a firm favourite with collectors too, thanks to the stunning equine figures, characters and playsets.

schleich horse club

What is the Schleich Horse Club?

The Horse Club is a huge collection of Schleich toys, offering the usual high quality items. You can visit the horses on the paddock, feed them in their stalls, transport them to tournaments in the horse box and then brush them down in the wash area afterwards.

The Horse Club Mobile Vet Van (RRP £30) is a big hit with both Erin and Rory as it comes with a Hanoverian foal figure, with exceptional detail. I love that it encourages children to play and learn at the same time, with so many little accessories for them to practise their veterinary skills, including a mini stethoscope, plasters and clipboard. The set includes a van, a vet with movable arms, foal and over 15 accessories.

Erin also loves the two separate Horse Club Girls she received, Hannah and Lisa. Each girl (RRP £15) is a moveable figurine, with a beautiful horse and detachable saddle and bridle. Erin loves setting up the horses, getting them ready to go out for a canter then being visited by the vet. I have no doubt that there will be hours of fun with these sets. In fact, she’s already looked through the rest of the collection and given me a very big birthday list, full of Schleich Horse Club items!

We also spent some time looking through the Schleich website, where you can find out even more information about each of the figures. Hannah, the Wester rider, wants to grow up to be a vet like her mother and Lisa is a talented show-jumper, with her horse, Storm. The fun facts about each character are a great stimulus for Erin to create new scenes and storylines as she sets up the horses.

Who are the toys recommended for?

The Schleich Horse Club is ideal for boys and girls, aged between 5-12. They’re great as gifts because of the varying price points of different items and sets can be added to throughout the years – they really are timeless. Modelled after real animals, the items are perfect to teach children about responsible interaction between humans and animals, with figurines that can be passed on for generations to come.

Where can I get the Schleich Horse Club collection?

These items and many more are available at Argos.

** Schleich Horse Club items gifted for review purposes. All views are our own.