Overcoming Dental Anxiety: What Next?

What was the situation this time last year?

If you’ve been following my dental journey, you’ll be well aware that this time last year I was PETRIFIED of going to the dentist. Like 53% of the UK population, I was suffering from dental anxiety. This came about after an horrific dental visit in my teens, which I still remember so vividly. This was a turning point for me; even the thought of a check up made me feel sick, following my awful experience. Due to a poor education in tooth and gum health, I required some dental work in my early 20s. But even for just the smallest filling I needed intravenous sedation to cope with dental treatment. Not ideal.

dental anxiety

How do I feel about dental work now?

Since visiting Reginald O’Neill, a dental practice in Billericay, my outlook on treatment has done a complete u-turn. Now that I have gone from having unhealthy teeth and gums to healthy, my next aspiration is to have a better smile! Even though they are far from perfect, I have never been too conscious of my teeth. However, now I know that I can comfortably have treatment without dental anxiety looming, it feels like so many doors have openedĀ for me.

Overcoming that barrier of nervousness means that I can now have conversations with my dentist about the different options available to me in the coming months and years. I feel confident in my dentist’s hands and able to ask questions in order to make informed decisions about what is to come next.

What are my options for the future?

As I have come this far with my dental treatment, I am reluctant to stop here. Part of the treatment I have had recently, included an extraction of a tooth, which I would love to have replaced. This time last year, the thought of considering an implant would have been ridiculous. There is no way I would have entertained it. But now… it really is an option for me.

I am also very much toying with the idea of braces too. Orthodontics seemed to pass me by as a child so I was never given the option of straightening my teeth but this is something that plays on my mind when I see photos of myself smiling. And I’d love my teeth to be whiter too. There’s just no stopping me now!

dental anxiety

Any reservations?

Despite feeling much more confident about visiting the dentist, there is still some nervousness about having procedures done, so it’s great to know that there are options for sedation, if and when I need them. I am determined to use inhalation sedation (gas and air) as much as possible but know that there may be a need for intravenous at some point, if I go ahead with anything particularly invasive.

I have absolutely no doubt that these options wouldn’t be even worth considering if it wasn’t for the exceptional treatment I have received at Reginald O’Neill Dental Care, helping me to overcome dental anxiety. Find out here why it really is a dental practice with a difference. I know that wherever my dental journey takes me that I am in good hands, receiving the very best advice and care.