Uh Oh Milo and the Impolite Imps: A Review

Erin has recently started school and is LOVING being able to use phonics to sound out words. So when she picked up ‘Uh Oh Milo’, her face was pure joy. The language was simple enough for her to read with just a little help from me and the storyline perfect for preschoolers and beyond to follow. Obviously, she absolutely cracked up with the line, “burps and bottoms”! The Impolite Imps (as in this story), the Beastly Bogels, a Fabulous Fairy, Tantrum Trolls and the Gobbling Goblins are just some of the mischief makers set to pop up in the colourful world of Milo, Mary and their magical Granny.

uh oh milo

The Author

Kate Wogan is the author of ‘Uh Oh Milo’ and, through reading this book, it’s incredibly obvious that she is a mum! Her stories, although heavily inspired by mythology, pose challenges which will seem vary familiar to preschool parents.

The Illustrator

Helen Faulkner has perfectly illustrated each page of the book. The bright and engaging images have a distinctive style and show the action. You can tell the illustrator must have had so much fun bringing Milo, Mary and the Mischief Makers to life in this book!

uh oh milo

The Story

In the first book of the series, ‘The Impolite Imps’, we meet some cheeky imps who sneak into a house and bring trouble with them. The entertaining story is engaging for preschoolers. Manners are a great theme for this book too. Erin’s favourite part is definitely the fantastic illustrations, which really tell the story too. They capture the magic of the tale, offer an explosion of colour and so much action to the plot.

You can pick up your copy of ‘Uh Oh Milo’ from the website for just £6.99 – perfect for 3-5 year olds!