Social Mums Membership Community

So, what is Social Mums?

Way back before I joined the Social Mums Membership Community, I stumbled across Social Mums on Instagram. And I never looked back. Founded by Gemma Lloyd, Social Mums is the most incredible network of Facebook groups to help mums in business with their social media marketing. At the time I was still running my handmade clothing business. Although fairly confident with social media, I booked on to one of Gemma’s courses to help with marketing. I couldn’t believe how much I had learned and put into practice throughout the course – Gemma is so knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. So when invited to join the members community, it was an absolute no-brainer.

But what is the Social Mums Members Community?

The Social Mums Members Community is a group to learn, grow and develop social media marketing skills. It’s a place to find, and offer, support to one another. During a time when lots of mums are now working independently from home, this is invaluable. Without the daily support of colleagues, running a business can be a lonely place, so having a safe space to chat, share and support online is definitely needed.

Social Mums Membership community

What is included in the membership?

There is so much more included in the membership than I even realised.

Firstly, you will gain entry to a private Facebook group.

The weekly live masterclasses are fantastic (although I usually catch up in my own time!) and have included preparing your small business for Christmas, Instagram and Facebook ads, content strategies, running challenges on Instagram, creating an engaged Facebook group and so much more. They really delve into the nitty gritty of social media that can often seem overwhelming.

There are over two hours of training videos, with new content added each month. They’re all in bitesize chunks of no more than 5 minutes, so perfect for fitting in with busy mum life!

With two businesses, a house renovation and two small children, I’m not always able to sit down and engage with the live sessions fully, which is why I love the downloadable cheat sheets and guides. They are full of information and actionable ideas to help me get ahead with social media.

There are also monthly challenges set in group so that you can actively improve your own use of social media by going out of your comfort zone.

I also love the content ideas for the week ahead, such as national and international days, important events etc. Cake Day was a favourite of mine!!

Carefully organised units including all of the above mean that you can dip in and out without feeling overwhelmed. You can pop back to the community with any questions and ideas to discuss, as and when you need to.

Where can I find out more information?

You can find out more about the Social Mums Members Community here. Make sure you sign up to the waiting list to join in January 2020!

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