Tooth and Gum Health: A Dental Education

How much education have you received on tooth and dental care?

I’ll be honest, I’ve had more than my fair share of dental treatment over the years but have never been given much information on tooth and gum health. Of course we all know to brush our teeth twice a day and that sugary foods and drinks are bad for us, but how much do you really know about keeping our mouths healthy? Actually, tell a lie, I do remember being about nine years old and using plaque disclosing dye at the dentist – you know, where you swoosh it around and it shows how well (or not!) you’ve been brushing your teeth. But that was it. Until this year.

tooth and gum health

So, what changed?

Quite simply, my dental surgery! From the first visit, the experience was already so different from what I had previously experienced during appointments. Within the first few minutes of sitting in the chair, I had a mirror in hand to SHOW me exactly what was going on. Instead of feeling rushed, I was kept up to date and informed throughout every part of my treatment at Reginald O’Neill Dental Care in Billericay.

Time was taken to discuss my medical history and lifestyle, giving a fuller picture of my dental health. We had a length discussion about the tooth and gum health issues relevant to me. Teeth grinding and clenching was something that was only very briefly mentioned by previous dentists I had seen but picked up on almost straight away at the Essex dental surgery. I was also given an information sheet alongside a comprehensive proposed treatment plan, with guidance on continuing dental care at home to ensure best results after treatment.

What is a treatment plan?!

Although I have previously been given verbal treatment plans, I would often leave an appointment wishing I had asked certain questions or desperately trying to remember everything that had been said. This definitely wasn’t the case at Reginald O’Neill. The treatment plan was incredible detailed and thorough, explaining exactly what any issues were and how different treatments would help. Most importantly for me, an outline of different ways to reduce anxiety during treatment was also given. This made me feel much happier going ahead with dental treatment, knowing there were different options available.

tooth and gum health

Anything else…?

After the check up, I was also shown some models with demonstrations on how to brush teeth and gums using a different range of toothbrushes. I often switch between a manual and electric toothbrush but hadn’t really considered the differing the techniques to use for each of them. Did you know not to rinse after using toothpaste either? I had no idea so it was little tips like that, which I feel have really improved my dental health over recent months.

Aside from a toothbrush and floss, I had no idea of other products that could help with tooth and gum health until I became enlightened about dental sticks. They’re really simple to use; you just move the dental stick, flat side against gum tissue, back and forth in each interdental space. And as a regular-sized toothbrush can’t reach many areas between the teeth, an interspace brush has been a revelation to me!! The brushes are much easier to use, and tons more pleasant than dental floss. These are just a few examples of how appointments at Reginald O’Neill go above and beyond just a usual check up – I am now much more aware of how to care for my teeth and gums and feel as though my dental health has dramatically improved!

Where can I find out more information?

Visit Bite4Life to find out more information on dental treatments and options available at Reginald O’Neill or give them a call on 01277 658895 for a friendly chat!

I really cannot praise the whole team at Reginald O’Neill Dental Care enough. They are not just solving current tooth problems but helping to prevent future ones – the genuine care for their patients is second-to-none. I even took my two year old along with me when I attended a recent check up and was given a leaflet about children’s dental health, along with a little passport to get stamped each time he visits – he is SO excited to have a check up now!!