Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent two books, written by Kayla Kurin. As many of you know, I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis, which means daily medication, constant pain and a whole lot of tiredness. I couldn’t wait to get started with ‘Yoga for Chronic Pain’ and ‘Yoga for Chronic Fatigue’.

yoga for chronic pain and fatigue

So, who is Kayla Kurin?

Kayla Kurin is a yoga therapist and writer committed to helping people with chronic illness feel better with yoga. She has studied with teachers from across the world and aims to make yoga accessible so that people of all abilities can participate in her classes. This was super handy for me as I had NEVER done yoga before and felt like the least flexible person on earth!

How are the books structured?

Thankfully the books do not launch straight in to getting you doing a downward’s dog! Starting with a letter from the author, Kurin shows an excellent understanding of life with chronic pain and fatigue – she really has lived through similar experiences as her readership.

The Seven Main Steps

Both books are broken up into seven main steps. ‘Yoga for Chronic Pain’ begins with some theory behind pain and understanding pain responses. Similarly, ‘Yoga for Chronic Fatigue’ focuses on both personal and medical explanations, giving a well-rounded view of the condition. This is quickly followed by useful theory about yoga and the Ayurvedic approach to healthcare. While Kurin reflects upon her own experiences dealing with chronic pain and fatigue, there are also action steps for you to get the most out of the books yourself. We all know that what works for one person may not work for another!

yoga for chronic pain and fatigue


Mindfulness is a huge focus of the books and I love the clear, simple steps Kurin gives to help slow down busy minds. I found this so helpful as with two children, two businesses, house renovations and everything else that life throws, it feels like my mind is in constant overdrive. Going forward, the mindfulness tips are definitely something I will attempt to incorporate into my own life.


Pranayama is the next step, which I now know means ‘breath control’. This seems to be as equally as important to yogic techniques, as the the physical postures themselves. The clear instructions for different types of breathing (who even know there was more than one way to do it!?) make the techniques simple to follow and really do help support the mindfulness explained in the previous chapter.

Yoga Poses

This is the part of the book I had really been looking forward to – learning how to do some of the yoga poses in the comfort of my own home. I have neither the time, or inclination, to go to a class so having it all set out in a book is totally ideal for me! I did have to keep stopping to look back at the book initially but once I was in the swing of things I was able to do some of the poses independently (and hopefully, correctly!). There are plenty of photos to support you and different routines for morning and evening.

yoga for chronic pain and fatigue

Which level are they aimed at?

Due to the perfectly executed explanations, these books really are aimed at all levels. I think they’d be great as a refresher for more seasoned yoga folk among us but equally, it’s a brand new concept to me and I found them totally accessible. I really love the way the books are broken down into steps so they’re not too overwhelming. The science and theories given really helped me to understand why using yoga for chronic pain and fatigue is definitely worth a shot!

Who would you recommend them to?

Chronic pain and fatigue aside, these books are a brilliant introduction to yoga, whatever your medical situation. They are easy to refer back to due to the clearly defined steps, photos and explanations. I will absolutely be recommending them to others I know who are looking for some relief, with yoga for chronic pain and fatigue.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more about Kayla Kurin at Aroga Yoga – I recommend the free videos on the website and the online courses too!

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