The Magic of Christmas with PNP | AD

Christmas – officially my favourite time of year. I cannot get enough of December festivities. It’s just magical. And having little children to celebrate with just adds to that; being so young, they fully embrace the Father Christmas magic, with zero scepticism. For the past few years I’ve been creating a Portable North Pole video from Santa to really capture the magic of Christmas and the look on Erin and Rory’s faces when they watch it is just priceless.

How does PNP add to the magic of Christmas?

This year is no exception and I’ve already downloaded the PNP app to start adding to the 220 million messages since its creation in 2008! With a Magic Pass (£12.99), you get unlimited access to all premium videos and calls for an unlimited number of children as well as a whole host of extras. It takes barely any time at all to create a fully personalised video from the main man himself, including names and life details – making sure that kids know it came from the REAL Santa!! The quality of the videos is just incredible and includes North Pole scenery, with elves too!

What’s the best bit?

But my favourite feature is the option to record your child’s reaction as they watch the video for the first time – absolutely priceless. As we get nearer to Christmas I’ll also be putting the app to good use, so that Erin and Rory can receive a phone call or two from Santa, praising them for their behaviour. You can also download and print a ‘Nice List’ certificate which I think is the perfect little surprise for Christmas Eve.

The Magic of Christmas

What’s included?

Within the app (which is free to download), there’s a children’s area where they can see videos, take sELFies, play games and and access the daily advent calendar, as well as an adult’s area, where you can create videos and phone calls for your children. The free version has two videos which you can customise with a name, date of birth, what they do (e.g. go to school, stay at home with mummy), gender and picture.

How much does it cost?

The Magic Pass costs £12.99 but there are loads of videos and calls you can make at different price points, so download and have a look through – you’ll be hooked on making videos!

the magic of christmas

*Magic Pass gifted in exchange for review but all views are our own!