Babylon Health – Revolutionary, Affordable and Convenient

Ok, so I’ll be honest – when I was first given the opportunity to test out Babylon Health, I said no. I (wrongly) assumed that I would have to completely switch GPs but thankfully this wasn’t the case. So firstly, let me just explain what Babylon Health is and then I’ll give you my full, honest review.

What is Babylon Health?

Babylon Health is a digital health care service that lets you connect to a doctor 24/7, 7 days a week – anywhere, anytime. Their mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service into the hands of every person on earth. They also have over 150k five star user reviews, each from a Babylon doctor consultation.

So how much is the membership and what is included?

The membership is an annual cost of £89.99 and includes:

  • Unlimited GP appointments all year.
  • Prescriptions from our doctors are sent to the pharmacy of your choice, often within two hours.
  • Free specialist referral.
  • Free fit notes – if you need to miss work.
  • Access to our technology which allows you to replay your appointments to hear the doctor’s advice again.

But what if I don’t want the annual membership?

  • One off appointments can be booked for £49
  • Prescriptions from Babylon Health doctors will still be sent to the pharmacy of your choice, often within two hours
  • Free specialist referral
  • Free fit notes – if you need to miss work
  • Access to our technology which allows you to replay your appointments to hear the doctor’s advice again

What other products does Babylon offer? 

If you have symptoms and want instant peace of mind, don’t use Google, use the Babylon free symptom checker. It understands your symptoms and gives you the most relevant health advice with what action to take next. It recognises medical concepts and issues and was designed around a doctor’s brain.

Designed by doctors, the free health check asks questions about your lifestyle and family history in an assessment and then gives you practical and personal advice to help you be as healthy as possible. Healthcheck assesses mood, nutrition and activity, carefully considering your answers to build your condition risk profile and shows how each risk component (eg alcohol, smoking, exercise) could influence chance of diseases developing.

Babylon Health

So what did I really think of the Babylon Health service?

Honestly? I actually can’t fault it. I’m just mega impressed all round. Babylon’s network of healthcare professionals genuinely are available to give you medical advice, answer your questions and give you peace of mind whenever you want it. I love how you get to choose the date and time of appointments and decide if you want a video chat or audio-only. You can even add notes and photos ahead of your consultation to give them the heads up if you want to.

And the cost?

The cost also surprised me – I expected it to be a lot more for what you are receiving. It works out just £7.50 a month, which seems like an absolute bargain when you consider the ease, convenience and reassurance at hand. I’m also going to investigate getting the kids signed up soon too. It’ll be such a lifeline to have when they inevitably pick up illnesses etc., knowing that you’re just moments away from being able to get professional advice.

And, to be quite frank, I’d give my last penny to have the convenience of not having to take two children to wait in a packed surgery – especially when it’s about something that could have easily been discussed over the phone, while they’re in bed.

Anything else to add…?

Well, I love being able to pop to the chemist to pick the prescription up within hours so that’s a winning factor for me. And the online symptom checker is a good first port of call (you don’t even need a paid membership to access that on the app!). But mostly, I love that you stay registered with own doctor so you can still see someone face to face when you need to, for check ups or those all important smear tests etc.

Oh and check out the Babylon website if you need any more info. I just discovered a whole list of the conditions that the doctors can treat remotely. There’s some really useful information about each one too.

Download the app from the App Store or check out the Babylon Health website for more info.

(Disclosure: Babylon Health membership was given in exchange for review but all views are entirely my own.)

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