Face Paintoos – Face Painting Without The Mess

Erin absolutely loves having her face painted so when we came across Face Paintoos, I couldn’t resist! The idea is that they transform the magic of ‘face painting’ into a fun and easy activity for children and parents. So instead of needing a huge kit of face paints, brushes, time and skill (!!) Face Paintoos make it much easier to create a face painted look at home.

What’s included?

We were sent the Face Paints Party Pack to test and this included 20 tattoos, including unicorns, dolphins, a tiger, dragon and tons of other animals and designs. In the pack you also get a sponge to aid with application, wipes to help remove the tattoos and an instruction booklet. You can also get other sets, such as the magical pack, pet pack and wild pack – I’m sure Erin will have her eye on the magical pack once this set runs out!

face paintoos

Are Face Paintoos difficult to use??

Ok, so our first attempt wasn’t the most successful. Erin opted for the dolphins so we took the plastic covering off, cut around the necessary parts (a tattoo on each cheek and one on her forehead) then applied them using water. The tattoos are brilliantly vibrant but didn’t quite stick at the edges so the tiny fingers of a 4 year old kept trying to pick it off. Even so, at bedtime, we used the wipes to get rid of the tattoos easily and Erin couldn’t wait to try again.

However, the second time was much more successful; I just made sure to use more water and press the tattoo down a little more firmly. I definitely think once you’ve got the technique down, this is a quick and easy way to have painted faces, without all the mess!

face paints

Overall opinion…?

Overall, I think Face Paintoos are great, especially after a little practise. They require no artistic skills, they don’t smudge and, most importantly, they are quick and easy to apply and remove. They’re a brilliant idea for parties and school fetes and we’ll definitely be getting them out when Erin’s school friends come round!

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*Face Paintoos were gifted for review but all views are my own.