Dreamgenii Snuggleroo: A Review

Although Rory is no longer a little baby, I jumped at the chance to be able to review the Dreamgenii SnuggleRoo baby carrier. It’s an instant baby carrier with no wrappings, meaning it’s easy to adjust for the perfect fit everytime. With Erin I bought a couple of different carriers to cater for when she was teeny and then a toddler, but the Snuggleroo is perfect from newborn to 12 months and beyond, as you can see!

dream genii snuggleroo

I found the Dreamgenii SnuggleRoo to be a soft and comfortable carrier and love how you can wear it in so many different positions. As Rory is at the upper end of the weight limit, I use the hip carry with him and it makes the nursery run a whole lot easier. It’s much more convenient than getting the pram in and out and he absolutely loves being close to me and having a good view too! This massively reduces my own stress levels when we’re rushing about in the mornings, as it’s super easy to adjust . It also converts into a handy travel storage bag too!

dreamgenii snuggleroo

But what about smaller babies?

If I was to have another baby, I’d be over the moon with the Dreamgenii Snuggleroo. I love how it recreates the movement and tight hug of the womb. This undoubtedly makes your bubba feel safe and secure against you. It also supports healthy hip development with its unique design and just seems like a jolly good all rounder, in the saturated market of baby carriers.

But why babywear?

‘Baby wearing’ i.e. using a carrier or wrap for your happy has a huge number of benefits. Whether you choose a wrap, pouch, ring sling or classic carrier, babywearing is a brilliant way to build a bond with your baby or toddler. The rhythm of your heartbeat and the warmth of your body will reassure your baby as they learn about life outside the womb. It can also help to ease the symptoms of colic and reduce crying. When Rory was teeny, the only way I would ever get anything done was to have him upright, in a carrier. And, through personal experience, babies loving being up high and having a better view of the world!

Where to buy:

You can get your Dreamgenii SnuggleRoo for just £45.

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*Our carrier was gifted for review purposes but all views are my own.