Top Tips for Summer Sleeping

We all love the sunshine but there’s nothing worse than getting into bed after spending the day barbecuing and enjoying the weather and not being able to sleep. So here are my top tips for summer sleeping – getting a decent night’s sleep during the hotter weather. I’ll definitely be putting some of these into place in the kids’ bedrooms to stop them getting all hot and bothered at bedtime!

Top Tips for Summer Sleeping

Top tips:

  1. Breathable sheets are an absolute must! We have this mattress protector from Bed Guru too, which is designed for a cooler night’s rest. (Scroll down for a special offer on this too!) I’ll be investing in them for Erin and Rory’s beds too, as they come in different sizes. 
  2. Keep your blinds or curtains shut during the day. Keeping the sun out of the bedroom during daylight hours means a much cooler room to sleep in when nighttime falls.
  3. Use light coloured linen. Darker sheets will make you bed warmer as they absorb the heat from the sun, so stick with light colours to reflect that heat and keep your sheets cool. And plus, there’s just nothing better than crisp, white sheets, is there?!
  4. Keep your sheets in the freezer. Seems silly, I know, but honestly, pop them in a plastic bag for a few minutes before bedtime and you’ll thank me! This is only a short-term solution but it might be just enough to help you drift off.
  5. Think carefully about where you put your fan. The further from the window your fan is, the warmer the air, so position it close to the open window and you’ll feel the benefit more! I’ve also heard that putting a cold, wet flannel, or a bowl of ice, in front of the fan is a winner too.

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(AD – Article in collaboration with Bed Guru)