Candylocks Dolls: A Review

candylocks dolls review

Erin’s face when she opened her new, scented Candylocks dolls was an absolute picture. The dolls were an instant hit and she immediately started rabbiting on about how much she loves candy floss and long hair!

She has literally spent hours plaiting Straw Mary’s hair and I’m sure she won’t be bored of the dolls anytime soon. I think these are a collectible that I could actually get on board with too as they’re perfect for role play and keep Erin entertained, playing ‘hairdressers’. The doll also came with green hair chalk (although this soon went all over the carpet BUT it did wash straight off so no harm done) which amused her no end. She truly thinks it is magical!

However, it was the smaller one that was the favourite. Erin loved opening the surprise packets that came with her new toy and was so excited with the gems and hair slides inside. She couldn’t wait to start fussing with the dolls’ hair and adding all the accessories.

I have no doubt that Erin will be asking for more of these dolls as time goes on. There is something strangely addictive and loveable about them. My only annoyance is that the hair does shred a little, so just a word of warning if you have teeny babies in the house who like putting anything and everything into their inquisitive, little mouths!

Candylocks dolls start at £9.99 and can be found at all good toy retailers.

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**Gifted for review purposes but all views are our own!