The Way Home: A Review


At home, with a baby, no one can hear you scream.

Most people think that once you’ve had your happy ever after, nothing can go wrong.

But for Millie and Tom, their love did not have a fairytale beginning. It was not love at first sight, at least not for Millie…

the way home: a review

The Author

Esther Wane is a multi-passionate polymath. She is an audiobook narrator, voice actor, writer and positive psychology coach.  

Esther has a lifelong passion for literature and can often be found browsing bookshops or with her nose or ears in a book. She owes her career in audiobooks to an impersonation of Joanna Lumley and has since narrated many books. Esther has also published several articles in “The Buzz” magazine, as well as writing her own blog on the inspiration and perspiration needed to change your life, which has been well-received by the National Theatre, Matt Haig and Nathan Filer, among others.

She lives with her family and collection of books in Hertfordshire, just outside London, where she has built a professional voice studio in the bottom of her garden.

The Book

I don’t think I have cried as much reading any other book, as I did when reading ‘The Way Home’. From the first chapters, dealing with grief to further on down the line, broaching difficult subjects such as postnatal depression, Wane knows how to write from the heart, to the heart. The story is told from the viewpoints of two protagonists. This works well in keeping the narrative balanced and offering varied insights. This compelling page turner is a cleverly written tale, based around two likeable characters. The reader can really emphasise with them. I genuinely can’t wait to read more from Wane – a truly talented storyteller.


You can find a reading guide for ‘The Way Home’ (a selection of discussion questions) on the website. Purchase a copy of the book here too.

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