The Wonder Weeks Book: A Review

Is there anyone who doesn’t religiously check the Wonder Weeks app to see why their little one is going through a stormy phase? With nearly 4 million downloads, it’s a must-have for new parents. And with the updated companion, The Wonder Weeks book, it gives you the complete picture on those precious (and often challenging!) first years of life.

If you’re anything like me, you are constantly Googling different behaviours and things your baby does to see what’s ‘normal’ and why they are being a little bundle of unpredictability. That’s why I love The Wonder Weeks book – it’s a stress-free guide to baby’s behaviour and makes understanding their leaps in mental development so much simpler.

The Wonder Weeks Book

How do I use the book?

The book is clearly set out into the ten main leaps your child goes through, from the very first ‘World of Changing Sensations’ at around 5 weeks old to ‘The World of Systems’ at around 75 weeks old. In each section there is an explanation of the leap, anecdotes from mums, checklists and short activities you can complete to make the leap a little bit easier for both mum and baby. I also LOVE that there is so much emphasis on how Mum is doing too, recognising the different emotions you may feel, as well as anchor moments of how to improve your own mental health. The chapters are completely full of helpful hints and tips, actionable points and knowledge – the perfect guide for new parents.

What else is included?

There’s an overview to get you started if you’re unfamiliar with Wonder Weeks and the notion of ‘leaps’. It explains the fussy phases, the stormy periods and gives you a thorough idea of what to expect, which makes dealing with challenging behaviour, clinginess and refusal so much easier to deal with. And, let’s face it, any help we can get when we’re faced with the task of raising a human being, the better!!

It also gives us some brilliant tips for dealing with stress (did you know that pregnancy is the situation that makes us most vulnerable to stress?) such as meditation, getting fresh air and dancing! Most importantly, it discusses some of the symptoms of postpartum anxiety and depression, which can affect men and women, and when we should speak to a medical professional.

But what about the newborn stage?

Don’t worry, the Wonder Weeks book also covers the all important newborn stage. I remember so vividly not knowing if how I was feeling was ok and I only wish I’d have had this book when my firstborn arrived. It gives real life stories from mums, as well as expert advice, to reassure us and also give tips on dealing with certain situations as a new mum.

The overall verdict…?

The Wonder Weeks book is absolutely a must-have for any new mum. I desperately wish I had known about it when my own children were newborns so I had a greater understanding of the changes in their mental development. The easy reference layout also makes it easy to dip in and out of, crucial when running on little sleep! It’s definitely on my ‘to buy’ list for any future baby showers and new baby presents.

The Wonder Weeks

Xaviera Plas-PlooijFrans X. Plooij, Hetty van de Rijt

Paperback: ISBN 9781682684276

Available from September 2019. £13.99

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