Baking with Present Mill

I’ve previously shared just how much we love Present Mill gift tins – they’ve saved many a school holiday! So this week we tried out Biscuit Baking Fun and made some sea friends. We *might* have used a little artistic freedom in the decorating of them!

Whats included?

In the tin (which is perfect for reusing for all those little toys with teeny bits and pieces) you get a super easy recipe card, sea friends cutters, paper bags, a pen and starfish stickers so that the yummy biscuits can be passed on as gifts.

Are they difficult to make?

I am definitely no baker but the ingredients were straightforward (we had them in the cupboard already) and the recipe was just as simple. Erin loves weighing out the ingredients and mixing it all up. But, of course, her favourite part was rolling out the dough because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love using a rolling pin?!

baking with present mill

Once rolled out, we used to cutters to make lots of sea friends. She soon realised that the sea turtle was the biggest cutter out of them and therefore the biscuits would be bigger – this was definitely her ‘go to’ cutter after that!!

While the biscuits were in the oven, she set to work writing out names on the paper bags and once decorated, was so excited to package them up and give them out. It was so cute seeing her give one to Daddy: “You can eat that at work, after your lunch.”

baking with present mill

I have to admit that we did veer from the recipe a touch at the end as it suggested to use royal icing but we already had piping icing indoors so we improvised. And, to be honest, they might not have been the prettiest but they were absolutely delicious and gave us a fun-filled afternoon, while it rained outside!

baking with present mill

If you love the idea of these tins, and baking with Present Mill, just as much as I do, then check out how Erin got on with the Sew Me Up tins too – the perfect start to hand sewing!

(Item was gifted for review but, as always, all views are my own.)