The Bellies Babies: A Review

We are not short of dolls in this house, so when Erin received The Bellies Babies doll, Muak-Muak, I wasn’t sure how it would compare. I needn’t have worried, it was instantly a hit.

The Bellies are described as a cute and funny range of dolls, with a unique play value. I like how each baby (from Bellyville, of course!) comes with its own story and personality.

Erin can’t stop telling me how cute Muak-Muak is! She loves how the doll babbles away in its own little language and how you can even hear her heartbeat when you take the plaster off. I, however, would quite happily take the batteries out as the doll says the same thing over and over and I’m not one for noisy toys!

Oh and she also thought the ‘surprise’ in Muak-Muak’s nappy was hilarious! We even looked it up with the ‘Poopypedia’ to see what type of care she needed. The dolls come with such a small range of accessories too including a nappy, dummy, blanket, bottle and more. Perfect for pretend mummies!

The new Bellies Babies Youtube channel has also been a huge hit. Even in Spanish, Erin has loved watching all the videos and spotting Muak-Muak. Again, I’m not so keen but I guess it appeals to 4 year old girls. She’s got her eye on Yumi Yummy too now!

Overall, Muak-Muak, The Bellies Babies doll has been a huge hit. In fact, Erin hasn’t put her down since she arrived! You can get hold of one from mid-August, so keep an eye out at your local toy retailers. You can also buy a Bellies emergency kit which helps your Bellies Babies to recover. I know she’ll be adding these to her Christmas list this year!