Strictly Briks: A Review

When first asked to review Strictly Briks, I was reluctant as Erin and Rory already have a few different sets of building bricks. However, once I realised that these are compatible with other, well-known construction toys, such as LEGO Duplo, I knew they would be a hit!

Strictly Briks

Who is Strictly Briks…?

Strictly Briks is an exciting STEM toy company, founded in USA in 2014. The toys encourage kids to dream amazing things, create and build imagination into reality and grow into the scientists, mathematicians, engineers, designers, inventors and problem solvers of tomorrow. Their mission is to encourage STEM-based creative play and to impact kids by developing innovative brick construction toys. They provide opportunities for children to enhance educational skills while having fun.

The cost…

The first thing I noticed was the difference in price point. For the Strictly Briks base that we received, it is only £11.99 and measures 16.25″ by 13.75″. Erin loved using this as a base for building a castle, with a lake! The set of 108 colourful bricks is also £19.99 currently, much cheaper than construction brick competitors.

Strictly Briks

The quality…

Ok, so the base doesn’t feel as sturdy as it could. However, it absolutely does the job and for the price, you cannot argue really! The bricks fit perfectly with other bricks we already have, so the kids are more than happy with them.

The fun…

With no instruction booklet enclosed, Strictly Briks is about good old-fashioned creativity and imagination. It was great watching Erin and Rory come up with their own ideas of what to build. Although there were one or two fights over the bricks (of course!), it was so lovely to see them playing nicely together. We’ll definitely be taking our Strictly Briks set away with us when we’re next on holiday. It’s the perfect toy for providing endless fun for all ages. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love building a tower?!

Strictly Briks


For die hard LEGO fans, sticking with the original is your best bet if you like to follow the kits for making particular buildings and characters but for the price point, Strictly Briks are brilliant for building up a collection and adding to any Duplo sets you currently have. They do all sorts of base plates, perfect for mixing and matching with other toys, such as building garages or displaying items. Oh and they’re great for adding a bit of colour to your brick collection – Erin has definitely got her eye on the pink set!

**Strictly Briks were gifted for an honest review. As always, all views are our own.