The Good Toy Guide – What is it?

Fundamentally Children invited us along to the Three Foot Festival this week so I decided to do a bit research about the company and their Good Toy Guide – something I didn’t even realise I needed but with two under 5s, it’s been great!

Good toy guide

So, who are Fundamentally Children?

Fundamentally Children are a team of professionals, completely dedicated to promoting the value of play. Their vision is to help children reach their potential and give them the skills to thrive in later life. They are well on their way to being the leading source of expert, independent advice on play and child development. Fundamentally Children are the home of the Good Toy Guide and Good App Guide, as well as a whole host of other advice for parents!

What is the Good Toy Guide?

Ever spent a small fortune on toys that have ended up at the bottom of the toy box, unplayed with and just not what you thought they would be? Yep, me too. But the Good Toy Guide is where I’ll be looking in future as toys go through rigorous reviewing, with the guide giving ratings on things such as fun, skills development and ease of use. I also love reading what the toy testers (some very lucky children!!) thought, as well as the expert comments before making a decision on what to buy. It also shows you a realistic age range for each product, making the decision to buy a much easier one!

You can also search for toys using a whole host of criteria, including age range, skills development, price bracket, fun rating, features (I always opt for ‘No batteries required’) and tons more. Oh and you can click straight through to buy – toy shopping has never been so easy!

Good toy guide

What toys are we loving at the moment?

We stopped by at the Good Toy Zone, during 3 Foot Festival, to test out a few toys and I had to practically tear Erin and Rory away. Erin absolutely adores Sylvanian families, which I’ve been reluctant to buy until now, but reading the reviews of the Cosy Cottage Starter Home, she might get a good few years of play out of it! Erin was also won over by the Aquabeads demonstration and loved making her own little bunny.

Sylvanian families

One of Rory’s favourites was the Geomag Magicubes – he spent ages building a tower and they were such a good construction toy for his age group. Oh and of course he loved Playfoam from Learning Resources; I couldn’t stop playing with it either!! It’s super squishy, non-stick play foam… what’s not to love?!


So have a look through the Good Toy Guide and read a few of the reviews – which toys do you think you’ll be getting having read them?! Looks like I’ll be starting my Christmas shopping in July!

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