A Billericay Dental Practice with a Difference

Hands up who loves the dentist….! Ok, not me – in fact, since I was about 14, I have been TERRIFIED by dental appointments. It was all since one evil dentist left me in tears. You know when you can feel your heart racing and those knots in your stomach? Even booking an appointment makes me feel like that but I really wish that wasn’t the case. 

But when I was invited along to Reginald O’Neill Dental Care, I thought I’d bite the bullet and agree. I’d seen on their website that they specialise in nervous patients and offered sedation (which I’ve had for any treatment since the age of 15!) so thought I would go along for a chat and see how I felt. 

So, what was it like?!

Let me start by saying that the Billericay dental practice is like no other. Set in beautiful grounds, I was met by the lovely Louisa (the Practice Manager) and shown to the waiting room. This comfortable lounge put me at ease straight away. Although beautifully spotless and clean, there was nothing clinical about it and absolutely no dental smell!  There was even coffee available and a selection of reading materials. I was astounded by just how many awards and accolades the surgery had accumulated, including National Practice of the Year 2017.

Shortly after, I was met by Reg and Jo, the Lead Dental Nurse. They seemed completely understanding of the fact that I was feeling very apprehensive at this point. I was regularly reassured and each part of the consultation was carefully explained to me. What was so different about this appointment is that I felt like I was actually involved in my own dental care. I was given a mirror and different tools were used to show me the best way to look after my teeth and gums. There were lengthy discussions to determine the root of the dental problems I was having. I felt listened to, understood and advised with consideration. Plans were discussed, and made, in terms of treatment and sedation. 

After the consultation with the dentist, the Practice Manager took me into the office and showed me a model of teeth. The best way to ensure good teeth and gum maintenance was reiterated. This was incredibly useful as I don’t actually ever remember being shown or taught about how to ensure good dental health previously!

Essex Wildlife Trust

And aside from the ever important dental care, one huge difference at this practice is the truly beautiful setting. Reginald O’Neill Dental Care are proud supporters of the Essex Wildlife Trust and the fantastic work they do in raising awareness and protecting the habitats of wildlife. I was also lucky enough to visit shortly before Billericay in Bloom so the place was abundant with hanging baskets and beautiful blooms. The perfectly calming setting for any nervous patient.

Overall, this Billericay dental practice has already begun to change my views on dentistry experiences. I am confident that I will be able to receive treatment as planned, without intravenous sedation. This is because I know that I will be in the excellent care of Reg and his team. Nothing felt rushed throughout the consultation and everyone seemed to genuinely want to improve dental health. An education was offered, with detailed insights into good tooth and gum health, so watch this space!

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