The Book of You: A Record of Childhood

Ok, so as Rory’s 1st birthday rapidly approached, I felt like a terrible mother… that pregnancy journal and baby book that are full to the brim with anecdotes and records, just like Erin’s are? Non-existent. Sorry, kid. BUT I made a pact with myself to fail the record keeping no more. Introducing Colour Chronicles – The Book of You!

So what is ‘The Book of You’?

I bought one for each of the offspring because they are so beautifully made, not to capture those precious first moments, but special dates, stories, pictures and more, all the way from their first birthdays right up until their 16th birthdays. There are spaces for parents to fill in and spaces for little ones to complete. I can’t wait to start this as a birthday tradition! 

Colour Chronicles - The Book of You

‘The Book of You’ comes in six bold colours and I (much to my despair) opted to ignore gender neutralism (?!) and went for the classic blue and pink for Rory and Erin, respectively. I love the hard back, high quality feel of these books and how they’ll look great added to the bookshelves too. My aim is to keep them somewhere accessible so that those funny little quips and heart melting moments can be recorded as they happen. What a beautiful keepsake it will be for them (and me!) as my babies grow older. 

The Book of You

Where can I get one from?

Order yours from Colour Chronicles. They’re such a unique new baby or birthday gift. I also snapped up a yellow one for my niece’s Baptism present! As Erin is now 4, I’m trying to fill a bit of hers in retrospectively and it’s amazing how much you forget in the short time since she turned one – I truly wish we’d have had this from her first birthday too!

The Book of You

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