Mindful Millie: An Introduction to Mindset

As a primary school teacher, part of our staff training involved learning about mindset and how we could encourage children to look at the world differently to develop their own positive mental health.

That’s why we are loving ‘Mindful Millie’ by Louise Tribble (not to mention that Erin finds it hilarious because our dog is also called Millie!).

Mindful Millie book review

I love how the author has drawn upon her own struggles with mental health to recognise the importance of early intervention in mental health. And this book proves that no one is too young to begin thinking about how to capture every moment mindfully and learn techniques to build a positive mental health. 

Mindful Millie book review

Beautifully illustrated by Rhiannon Thomas, the book provides thought provoking questions to share with children, written in a large, bold text so that older children can begin to read parts of it themselves too. When reading the story, we stopped to talk about times when Erin felt sad and how she feels about her friends and so on.

I hugely recommend this book to anyone keen to foster healthy habits in their children, in a terms of their emotional development, enabling them to grow to cope with whatever life may throw at them!

You can purchase ‘Mindful Millie’ from Amazon and find out more about the author, Louise Tribble on her website. Let me know what you think of it – it’s the first book we’ve read together around this topic so I’d love to hear what your thoughts!

Mindful Millie book review

(Book gifted for review purposes.)

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