AD | I’ll tell you what I loved, what I really, really loved…

With Spice Girls fever sweeping the nation at the moment, it got me feeling all nostalgic. The 90s were MY era and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I missed them more than just a teeny, weeny bit. So here are my top five loves of nineties life, in no particular order…


Cats cradle, skipping, clapping games, run outs, stuck in the mud, Pogs (my brother and I got the best Super Slammers when we went on holiday to Spain – the envy of the playground, let me tell you!), hopscotch, shag bands (I’ve only recently googled these and realised that each colour had a different meaning – shocking!) and Gogos Crazy Bones. You will hold a special place in my heart if you remember Gogos – we are a rare breed. But those tiny plastic monsters that we flicked at each other kept me happy for many a day.


Rewind to my eleventh birthday and all the girls in my class (boys were rubbish – obviously) came to my house for a disco. 90% of us were dressed in leopard print from The kids’ section in Mark One and Tammy. And everyone bought at least one Tamagotchi with them. My mum ended up looking after them all in kitchen, making sure they were well fed, the poo had been cleaned up etc, while we danced the night (5-7pm?) away.


Saved by the Bell, Sister Sister, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Live and Kicking, SM:TV (Wonky Donkey being a personal favourite feature), Friends, Boy Meets Word, Rugrats, The X Files, Dawson’s Creek, Kenan and Kel, Recess, That 70s Show… the list is endless.


Oh, the music still feels me with joy every time. Steps, S Club 7, Boyzone and remember that boy band of of Michael Jackson’s nephews… 3LW maybe?! Dreamy. Recording songs from Capital FM and pausing it before the DJ came on, so I could record my own voiceover, was a special time every Sunday night. And Top of the Pops magazine was just the best. Every issue would have a pullout full of song lyrics. I blame this for my insane organisational skills nowadays. I used to file all of the lyrics alphabetically so that I had my own karaoke system. But, you know, without the music. Or the microphone.


These deserve their own paragraph here because they were my life! It was about so much more than the music. The Spice Girls were my fashion inspiration (leopard print, a bob haircut, platform shoes, Adidas tracksuit bottoms and so on), my role models (I’m still all about the girl power life) and my hobby (collecting the hundreds of photo cards, learning lyrics and dance routines, organising girl band trials in the playground). I just would not be able to talk about the nineties, or my childhood, without giving them a special mention.

And talking of the Spice Girls…

(P.S. A cheeky little SIX goes to butterfly clips. I couldn’t write a 90s post without you.)