Weaning – What Do You Really Need?

So, weaning… what do you actually need?!

Well, official NHS guidelines say that you need a 6 month old baby but I know lots of people wean before this because of medical reasons or otherwise, so that’s not my call to make. But what I can share with you is all the things that I have found actually useful with Erin and Rory, to save you spending precious pounds on useless gimmicks. 

High chairs
I’m so torn on this one because if you’d have asked me six months ago I would have absolutely sworn by the IKEA Antilop highchair. It’s cheap as chips, easy to clean, you can buy extra inserts to make it suitable for teenies AND you get to go for meatballs when shopping for this option. I still think it’s absolutely amazing for the money and definitely recommend it as it also all comes apart to go in the shed or loft until baby number two. However, along came Rory – a boisterous bambino who soon learnt to rock forwards and backwards to tip the highchair. I ended up buying a Bloom Fresco (from someone rich on Facebook though because who seriously has £££ for a highchair?!).

Ikea antilop high chair

Is it still called crockery if it’s plastic?! Anyhow, IKEA is again just fabulous when it comes to buying plastic plates, bowls and beakers but there is not a baby in this land that does not like to throw a plate on the floor, so EasyTots Suction Plates are a winner for me here. There is actually one to fit the IKEA highchair perfectly too. (Use the code TLO10 for a discount at EasyTots, too!) We’ve also got the suction bowls which I love the high sides on, making it easier for pasta to be scooped out of! In terms of cups, the Munchkin 360 was a favourite with Erin as they’re almost impossible to spill something from. With Rory, we’ve gone for the Dr Brown’s sippy cup and he absolutely loves it. I was worried he wouldn’t be able to work the straw out but he cracked it straight away and loves guzzling from the cup. The handles are just perfect for tiny mitts and it doesn’t spill in the changing bag either. 

Easy Tots Suction Plate

Mess Prevention!
Splash Mats from Messy Me are amazing… we use it so much, from going under Rory’s highchair, to on the living room floor for ‘indoor picnics’ and as a table cloth for the kids too. And unless you want to start seeing your baby’s clothes as disposable, then invest in some decent bibs like this! Alternatively, a bib that catches food like these silicone ones from EasyTots are great too. They can go in the dishwasher as well, so double winning.

Messy Me Splash Mat

A lot of people swear by ice cube trays when making up purées for weaning babies but I didn’t go down that route so little Tupperware pots and snack pouches, like these reusable ones from Dr Browns are brilliant. Trust me, after the age of 6 months you will never leave the house without snacks again! I’m pretty sure snacks are the only way to survive an ASDA trip without a meltdown.

I’d love to hear what your weaning essentials are and do let me know if you try any of these products! Mom Goes Mental recommends some fab products here too.

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