Top Tips for Happy Mums: Part One

Following on from my recent workshop at the Mother Hen Club retreat (which was absolutely beaut by the way), I thought I’d share these five simple top tips for improving happiness in the day-to-day life of a stay/work at home mum, which can be monotonous and tougher than you ever thought it could be!

Mother feeding baby

1. MEDITATE – Find a couple of minutes during the day to just sit or lay comfortably, ignore the chaos going on around you and just focus on your breathing. Counting 1 as you breathe in, 2 as you breathe out, up to 10 and start again. If you want to put on some relaxing music and take a few moments to yourself, then go for it – but that’s not always possible. Just comment below if you’d like me to do a further blog post on meditation as a busy mum, without it being a chore!

2. GOALS – Set yourself 3 daily goals, which are not too complex! Mine today were to do the ironing, finish this blog post and hoover downstairs. Simple goals but achievable. Anything I did beyond this made me feel like superwoman!! 

3. PLAN – Mentally plan out the day ahead – when will you eat? When will you walk the dog? When will you sit down with a cuppa?! Have a mental walk through of your day and how you will fit everything in and suddenly it all seems a little less overwhelming. Of course, things do not always go to plan but at least you’re starting the day with a positive mindset, if you have already set your three simple goals and formulated a plan of how to achieve them!

4. GET OUT! Fresh air will do you good and who knows, you might even end up having an adult conversation with someone! Even a walk around the block will do the trick and stop you from getting cabin fever. And plus, babies are often nice and calm once out and become fascinated by their surroundings so I usually take a travel cup of tea with me as well – living the dream!

Walking with Baby

5. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN – So I checked out that new iPhone thing that tells you how much screen time you’ve had…terrifying! And actually, we really don’t need to be comparing ourselves to all those mums on Instagram who appear to have more exciting, fulfilling lives, doing wholesome crafts with their kids in their perfectly curated homes, whilst preparing a delicious and nutritious family meal. Although it’s irresistible at times, more often than not, social media seems to make us feel a bit rubbish so leave your phone upstairs or in your handbag and face the day ahead! You’ll be amazed at how much extra time you have!

How do you remain positive even on the toughest days? Feel free to leave a comment and let us know! And don’t forget to check out part two of top tips for being a happy mum.