Top Tips for Happy Mums: Part Two

Ok, so in case you missed it, in PART ONE I wrote about meditation, goals and getting out there, but I thought it was about time we thought about other ways we could improve our mental health as mothers. 

  • SAY NO!– I am so guilty of agreeing to things, coming up with big ideas about how much I can fit into my day or week and then not actually having time to execute them. I feel so guilty letting people down, flaking at the last minute but I’m slowly learning that we can’t actually do it all! Don’t be scared to say no in the first place and just get over the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). You will never regret staying at home with your family and that event probably wasn’t that great anyway. That’s not to say you shouldn’t get out there and enjoy your life but actually, if you want to be indoors, in your mismatched, old pyjamas, on your 5th cuppa of the evening, with a mum bun and zero make up, then so be it!
  • SAY YES!– OK, so this massively contradicts the previous point but stay with me… With a baby in tow there is always something to talk about, something to distract from any awkwardness of situations. So while you should absolutely stay at home if that’s where you’re going to be happy, getting yourself out there can also be a big step towards happiness. Although absolutely terrified, I signed myself up to go to a few Mothers Meetings and yes, I was nervous and yes, I almost bailed more than once BUT I got there and realised that everyone was in the same boat. My first Mothers Meeting experience was totally inspiring and I have made some bloody awesome mates through these meetups. 
Mothers Meeting
  • PLAN– Plan something just for you. I booked myself into an embroidery class (I’m rock ‘n’ roll like that) one Saturday morning and absolutely adored those few hours not having to think about anyone else. It could just be setting aside a bit of time where you’re ‘off duty’ and having a nice soak and getting into a good book. Or going for a coffee by yourself. Self care is so, so, so important. You need time to collect your thoughts and not have to answer to anyone else, even if it is only for the odd hour here and there.
  • GET YOUR BUZZ–  I truly believe people need somewhere to expend their energies – something that makes them, something that gives them that buzz. For me, it’s sewing. When I’m sewing, I concentrate so much that I can’t think about anything else really. It’s a fantastic outlet that enables me to be creative and to do something to be proud of. What’s your outlet? Where do you get that buzz from? It could be a blog, a journal, running, playing an instrument… whatever! But find something that makes you tick. Find something you love that lets you channel some of your energy into it.
Mothers Meeting
  • SPEAK UP– We all know that keeping troubles locked up inside eventually drive us to despair. A problem shared is a problem halved and all that! So if there is something you need to get off your chest then do it. That’s not to say you have to bite anyone’s head off but keeping issues bottled up (however big or small) are unlikely to be resolved. So get talking and sharing (another reason why getting out and meeting people is great – you can’t put a price on a friend who will listen to you moan!)

What are your top tips for being a happy mama??