Start Making Money From Your Blog

Although I am still new to this blogging game, I’ve picked up a few tips along the way to help you to start earning from your writing online. Like everything, it might take some time to build up your following but keep creating interesting and well written content; it will happen eventually. 

I initially started my blog as a supplement to my handmade clothing business but actually really enjoy this side of it now, especially as it provides another source of income, enabling me to work from home.

So firstly, who are your audience? Mine are largely my followers on Instagram who tend to be females between the ages of 25-44, with interests in parenting and starting up small businesses. For this reason, I try to make sure my content is aimed at this group to add value, rather than just descriptions of what I have been up to. So, for example, sleep routinesweaning and interviews with other small business owners have been successful in readers returning to find out more information. There are often discussions about whether you should find a really niche area to write about, in order for your blog to be more successful, but I find that as long as a blog is well-organised into sections, then you don’t necessarily have to write about one thing. As long as you are writing about something you feel passionate about, that will shine through!

Blogger objects

Before attempting to monetise your blog, ensure you have content on there (a range of blog posts) with good quality images and that your site is simple to navigate. You don’t have to have a super fancy website or design going on – just make sure it’s user friendly. WordPress is a great place to start and offers so many options if you do want to jazz up your blog further down the line! Mine is included within my Shopify website so if you also have an e-commerce web page, it’s worth checking with your provider, as it is pretty convenient to have it altogether. 

But where to find the work? Initially, write about what is important to you and remember to add value – offer something to your readers, whether that’s advice, information or debate. This gives you a portfolio of writing to use when pitching for paid posts. Make sure you follow #journorequest #bloggerswanted and #bloggerrequest on Twitter – I have found lots of opportunities via these hashtags. Sometimes they are for gifted items but often are paid, so don’t be afraid to ask what the budget is for a product! 

On the subject of Twitter, this definitely has a bigger blogger community than on other social media platforms. There are hundreds of conversations to join in with on Twitter (something I definitely need to do more of) so have a hunt around to see which ones are relevant to your blog. For example, if you have a travel blog #UKHolidayHour would be a good one to get involved in. They happen at certain times throughout the week so you do need to do a bit of searching for the right ‘conversation’ at the right time for you, but they can be great exposure for your blog. 

One of the best ways to make money from your blog is by signing up to platforms that offer paid assignments. Blogger platforms such as Bloggerwork offer opportunities which you can pitch for. If you are ‘approved’ then you receive payment once your blog post is live and you’ve sent the link to the brand. Couldn’t be simpler!

And don’t forget about Facebook in your quest to be the next big blogger – I have had some brilliant offers of paid and gifted trips and goodies on there. Check out ‘Official UK Bloggers’ and ‘UK Influencer Opportunities’ as a good starting place.

Another way to monetise your blog is through using affiliate links. These won’t make you millions but are a good opportunity to gain some passive income with adding links to items you would normally be writing about anyway. All you have to do is sign up, apply to  brands you love and then use your unique links within your posts. The clicks on the links are tracked and you usually get a percentage of any sales made through those links. 

Please do let me know if you’ve found any of these tips useful and don’t forget to check back as I’m sure I’ll update this post as I come across more ways to monetise blog posts!

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