Getting Forward in Business

Be social on social media – It sounds obvious but the only real way to grow your social media following is to chat, engage, offer support and collaborate. By commenting on other people’s photos or responding to their questions, people will often come and have a nose at your profile and follow you if they like what they see! People love to buy from people so by offering up personal experience when people are asking for advice, it’s an insight into the person behind the brand. 

Be social IRL too – While building online connections is all well and good, nothing compares to meeting people in real life and shouting about your brand. If you’re London based, Mothers Meetings are a brilliantly, fun way to get out and about and do something for you (but with the kids in tow).  Connecting with Cocktails and Mama Meets are both brilliant groups to have a look at too, with informal meet ups, where you can chat with like-minded people and get inspired!

Mothers Meeting

Upskill yourself – Although being able to outsource certain tasks can be a great option for you to focus on your strengths within the business, there are many ways to upskill yourself so that you don’t need to be paying out for things that you could do yourself, with a little help. Social Mums is brillliant as an introduction to social media and I massively recommend the Mama Designs Business Course – as well as informative and inspriring videos, you get access to a supportive group to share ideas and ask questions. So research courses and get recommendations… if product photography is not your best asset, learn it. Take a course in basic bookkeeping if you need to. You don’t need to spend loads of money, especially as so many tutorials can be found on Youtube now. And another bonus of doing courses with affiliated chat groups or Facebook groups is making connections and meeting people you can often skill swap with.

Don’t rush things – Build your following, watch what others are doing and learn from it. Then do your own thing, do what you feel passionate about. I made a lot of mistakes (or ‘learning opportunities’, if you will) in the early days which definitely would have been avoided if Id have taken more time to plan and think things through. 

Learn to speak about your business – This is something I’m still working on… so much so that if someone asks me what I do, I tell them I’m on a career break from teaching. Why?!?! Write a down what you actually do, in words that you would use. Practise saying it out loud and keep rephrasing it until it feels more natural. Keep this in your mind so when you are meeting people or catching up, you’ve got an idea of what to say. Big yourself up!! I’m still working on mine. ‘I sew stuff…’ just doesn’t really cut it. 

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