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So Christmas is done and dusted, we’ve toasted in the new year so it is time to start planning ahead! We are taking on a big house renovation this year so I definitely need a holiday or two to look forward to. Clickstay is currently my favourite website to browse stunning holiday homes across the globe and to start planning our travels so here’s my round up of the three best short-haul family friendly holiday destinations! These are not new, revolutionary holiday destinations but tried, tested and recommended so let me know what you think. And, of course, please get in touch if you have travelled somewhere amazing that I need to know about. 


I just cannot get bored of Spain. As a youngster, through to adulthood, I have travelled to many regions and resorts within this beautiful country. No matter what you want from a holiday, whether it is stunning scenery, bars and clubs or just a chill out, there’s a perfect corner of Spain waiting for you. 

This villa in Spain starts at just £94 a week and sleeps six, with a shared pool and a private enclosed garden, perfect for holidaying with children! I just checked out the reviews and they all sound pretty positive so this is definitely a good shout for a low cost summer break. 

Holiday Villa - Clickstay

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As the first family holiday we went on, Portugal holds a special place in my heart. What struck me the most was just how family friendly everyone is. No matter where we took 4 month old Erin, or what time of day (or night!) it was, she was made a fuss of. The locals didn’t seem to mind if she was moaning while we ate our dinner in fancy restaurants. In fact, they went out of their way to distract her while we ate or chatted. 

I’ve got my eye on this beautiful villa in Portugal with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a private pool. Just check out that view too!

Holiday Villa - Clickstay

Image credit: Clickstay


Turkey – what can I say…? This is somewhere I didn’t think I would want to travel to. I had negative preconceptions of the place and was proved hugely wrong once we arrived in Antalya. In fact, I would go as far to say that Turkey has been my favourite holiday destination. Everything was spotlessly clean and everyone was so friendly. We travelled at the beginning of April and the weather was absolutely beautiful so worth travelling a little bit further for good weather earlier on in the year than Spain. 

This 2 bedroom holiday rental in Turkey looks just perfect for a family holiday – I can just see Erin and Rory playing in the gardens and splashing about in the pool!

Holiday Villa - Clickstay

Image credit: Clickstay

Have you been to Spain, Portugal or Turkey? Leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts. Or let me know where else would you like to travel to this year and I’ll do a round up of resort and accommodation ideas!

But if you want something a little closer to home then check out this review of Waterside Holidays in Weymouth.

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